SA 8000

SA8000 is the most recognized international standard for social responsibility. This standard is based on United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and different ILO Conventions.
SA8000 describes 8 criteria, to which the companies seeking certification must comply, and a requirement for an adequate management system to secure compliance and the necessary documentation. Cane-line is obliged to abandon child work, to secure occupational health and safety, to recognize the workers' right to organize in unions and bargain collectively and to refrain from any kind of discrimination among their employees.

The main advantage of SA8000 compared to other CSR and social responsibility instruments is, that Cane-line is certified after this standard, and that it is recognised all over the world.
Cane-line is able to document, that our products have been manufactured in a social responsible way.

The SA8000 standard are managed by the independent international organisation Social Accountability International, which is located in New York. This standard was launched in 1997 and has appeared in a slightly revised new edition in May 2008. Today about 2.000 companies are certified against the standard in 64 countries worldwide.